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Rader Products injection molds Urethanes to your specifications.

Advantages of Urethane
Polyurethane (or urethane) elastomers are one member of a large family of elastic polymers called rubber. Unlike other members of the rubber family, urethanes are liquid and can be molded into any shape or size. You are only limited by your imagination.

 Special Properties of Urethanes

Polyurethanes can be compounded in a very wide range of hardnesses from 10A durometer (like gelatin) to 85D+ (harder than a bowling ball).

Versatile Designs
When using polyurethanes, possibilities are limitless. Materials can be used alone or bonded to metal or plastic substrates and/or inserts may be molded into it.

Abrasion Resistant
Polyurethanes often outperform rubber, plastic or metals in many severe wear applications.

Impact Resistant
With even the hardest urethanes, you can achieve significantly better impact resistance than plastics and composites.

Urethanes can be molded into virtually any color imaginable.

Chemical Resistance & Corrosion Resistant
Urethanes offer excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, oils and greases.

Low Temperature Environments
Polyurethanes maintain flexibility in low-temperature environments.

Vibration Isolation
Polyurethanes make excellent sound-deadening and anti-vibration materials.

Polyurethanes can be bonded to a wide variety of materials including steel, aluminum and most plastics.

Quick Prototypes
Urethanes are perfect for making prototypes of your ideas using the latest in prototype technology.

Welcome to Rader Products Welcome to Rader Products
Welcome to Rader Products Welcome to Rader Products
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